Words could never tell you how thankful we are. Your Foundation has had a very profound effect on all of us and I can never thank you for helping our son Nathan through the most difficult time in his life."
- Angela Price - Niagara Wheatfield
There simply are not enough words to adequately describe the gratitude of the families who benefit from these programs or that of the support services team who work so closely with P.U.N.T. to meet the needs of these families."
- Cate Flanagan-Priore - PhD; Licensed Psychologist at Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo
Thank you so much for giving my kids such a great Christmas as I wasn't able to do much this year. My husband and I cannot thank you enough for being so kind and giving. It’s so nice knowing there still is loving and giving people out there. "
- Debbie (beneficiaries of our Adopt-a-Family program)
The P.U.N.T. Foundation has been an incredible resource for our pediatric patients and their families. Read More"
- Dr. Martin Brecher
Your generosity went beyond anything we could have imagined. Thanks for being a bright spot in our holidays. We hope one day to help a family as you have helped us."
- Karen Nicpon - Lancaster (beneficiaries of our Adopt-a-Family program)
Just had to let you know, we had a nice night. Our daughter's counts were good so we went to Red Robin's with one of the gift card you so generously gave us for Christmas. It was so nice because we don't remember the last time all four of us were in the car together without going to the hospital. It was so nice and normal it makes me want to cry. Thank you so much. "
- Kristin - East Aurora
It is an amazing feeling to know that there are such kind, warm, generous people living in our community. Thank you is not enough to explain our gratitude. The gift of happiness you brought to us this Christmas will never be forgotten. "
- Marlee (beneficiaries of our Adopt-a-Family program)
Thank you once again for sending me on the hotel getaway. That did wonders for my morale and left quite an impression on me. Please extend my gratitude to Mr. Brian Moorman as well. He and his foundation go above and beyond to give a little sunshine on us who live in a world full of clouds."
- Nick Bermudez
I want to thank our donor for making my kids Christmas special this year. It really takes some special people to think about others around the holiday, when they have their own family to think about."
- Nicole (beneficiaries of our Adopt-a-Family program)
I just want to convey my sincere thanks for all your thoughtfulness and caring from my son and all the families on the pediatric oncology floors at Children's and Roswell. I used to help raise money for P.U.N.T. when I worked for Ingram Micro and had no idea I'd one day be on the receiving end of this wonderful organization."
- Nicole Paulus - Lancaster
PUNT Foundation's programs, like Brian's Game Day, are rooted in Brian and Amber's dedication to fostering relationships with the kids and providing emotional support for them and their families. Brian and Amber's regular visits to Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and Women's and Children's Hospital, bolsters the spirits of kids undergoing treatments. Brian puts smiles on the faces of patients while sharing punting strategies with them at field house events. He's lost bounce house races to kids (shades of that ill fated Pro Bowl obstacle course event!), who delight in being the victor and he's gamely participated in toilet paper mummy wrap competitions at Halloween parties. Through the PUNT Foundation Brian and Amber provide experiences that the children and families will always treasure."
- The Speth Family
Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful weekend. It's hard to put into words exactly what it meant. Just knowing we are not alone and being able to express our feelings means the world to us."
- TJ Hirsch - Getzville (guest of our 1st Remembrance Weekend)
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