Adopt a Family

Adopt a Family


In the coming weeks, the P.U.N.T. Fund will receive the holiday wish lists of several children in our community fighting cancer, along with that of their siblings and parents through the medical social workers we work with. 

The financial burden of the holidays loom large for these families.

The average out-of-pocket cost for a family (with good health insurance) in the first year of pediatric cancer diagnosis is $20,000. This staggering cost is often coupled with a loss of income since a parent often suspends employment to be by their child’s side. 

Many times, the gifts provided by the P.U.N.T. Fund Adopt-a-Family program are the gifts these children receive on Christmas morning from Santa. You can help us create Christmas magic for a local child in the fight for their life. You can give that child's parents the beautiful gift of seeing a smile on their son or daughter's face on Christmas morning.

Please consider getting your family, company, school or organization to "Adopt-a-Family" battling pediatric cancer this holiday season. You will also give a gift to yourself in knowing you have helped make a profound difference to a family when they have never needed it more.  We will work with you to determine the best way to get involved.  You can simply donate, do the shopping and wrapping for the families--or our team can do that for you.  Any budget amount will be matched up with item wish lists, and there is no obligation to fulfill every item for each family member. 

Listed below are some FAQs about the program.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Program & Event Coordinator, Bridgett Moffett, if you have any other questions! or (716) 866-9180


FAQs for the Adopt a Family Program:

What is a typical budget to participate? 

There is no set amount required and we work closely with each donor to pair families and wish list requests in accordance with budget parameters. Often, larger or higher need families are adopted by several donors to ensure they are helped adequately. We can also help subsidize through general donations that come to the P.U.N.T. Fund at holiday time to complete wish lists.

When will I receive my list?

We are in daily contact with the hospital team and send family's wish lists over as soon as we receive them. An average time frame is about 2 weeks from the time your name is added to the waiting list.

How are the families chosen?

We work directly with the hospitals to determine who will be adopted through the P.U.N.T. Fund. Our contacts are aware of who is being adopted through various organizations and who the families are that are most in need.

Can I get a receipt letter for my participation in the Adopt a Family program?

Donors can write a check to P.U.N.T. and receive a receipt letter for tax purposes and our team can do the shopping and the wrapping. 

If you would prefer to do the shopping and wrapping on your end, you can provide us with a list of items purchased and we can issue you an acknowledgement letter reflecting these items that you can use for tax purposes. 

Regardless, we would be most grateful if you would be able to provide us with an estimated value of your purchases so we can capture that information for the program. 

Checks can be sent directly to:

P.U.N.T. Fund

1028 Main St, 4th Floor

Buffalo, NY 14202 

Where/when should I deliver my gifts? 

We will be holding a Gift Drop-Off Gathering in the hope that many of you can attend and possibly meet a representative of the family you are helping. The event will take place on a day/time to be determined. We would like to extend this invitation to you and a guest. Please note we cannot guarantee the actual child in treatment will be present, as parents are very cautious about bringing them in public since they are immune-compromised. We are hopeful that each family participating will have someone there to receive the gifts and we look forward to meeting and thanking you for your participation in this program. 

If you are unable to make it to this event, we will work with you individually to figure out the best time to connect with you.